Architectural Address Numbers & Unit Signage



M-I-N-T is a design and manufacturing company concentrating on architectural product elements for commercial and residential projects. M-I-N-T offers a family of standard sign products with a wide range of customizable options. Custom shapes, finishes and arrangements are possible to meet project specific requirements. 

M-I-N-T is always open to creative ideas, concepts or notions and strives to bring innovative elements to life. 

M-I-N-T maintains a high level of quality and customer loyalty by designing and manufacturing our products and when possible sourcing local vendors. 



M-I-N-T evolved from the custom project division of spOre which was co-founded in 1997 by Tom Gordon and Ted Pierson. In 2006 Tom Gordon set up M-I-N-T and  continues as design director today. 


Tom Gordon

After graduating with a BS in Industrial Design from Western Washington University in 1992, Tom worked for a number of years at a Seattle design firm on a wide variety of projects. Following consulting design Tom was the in-house industrial designer for a high tech company, located in the the Redmond area, that was later acquired by GE.  The diversity of technologies and projects Tom was involved with invited a broad exposure to different design requirements and ways to accomplish them. It was his desire to create something fresh and of his own that, in 1997, spOre was established in downtown Seattle. Tom (and M-I-N-T) now live in Bellingham Washington, 1 1/2 hours north of Seattle and just south of Vancouver BC.